What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Production Of Wiring Harness?

- Oct 17, 2019-

The general working procedure of wire harness processing includes cutting, stripping, head peeling, pressing terminal, immersion tin, inserting shell, welding, sleeving, testing, visual inspection, packaging, and storage. Every process is important, and need to pay attention to much more matters, which is directly related to the quality of the whole set of wiring harness.

For example, the cutting line requires the line length to be within the tolerance range, too long or too short can’t flow to the next process.Peeling also has length requirements, and it can't damage the inner core wire.There is a length requirement for the stripping head, which is directly related to the terminal specification. If the terminal is too short or too long, the terminal crimping is unqualified.The tensile force for pressing terminal is very important, and it must be reach the standard,  and the appearance of the terminal should be ok.The immersion tin has a full tin and a part of the tin, and there is no such phenomenon as a broom head, a split fork, a big head, etc., otherwise, it is unqualified.It is also very important that the insert shell is easily inserted into the wrong position,the welding cannot be false welded, in-veracious solder, open solder and wrong solder.The sleeving includes a set of heat-shrinkable tubes, PVC tubes, coiled tubes, yellow wax tubes, etc., and the strict requirements for size and process.

The test includes continuity test, resistance voltage test, etc., if it does not meet the requirements, it should be the defective product; the appearance inspection is supplemented by the previous process inspection, and the overall wire harness appearance inspection is unqualified and needs to be returned for repair.

Packing and warehousing should be properly packaged and stored for each type of wire harness packaging storage, otherwise qualified product will become a defective product.