Wire & Cable Insulation Aging Judgment Methods

- Jan 25, 2018-

Wire aging refers to the aging of wire insulation, loss of insulation, insulation aging will cause leakage. The aging of the epidermis is related to the degree of heating of the electric wire, the use environment, and the load on the electric appliance.


1. Observe the insulation along the wire, if it is found that the insulation loses its color, getting darkens, hardens, cracks, and falls off partially, peeling off of the insulation, etc. This indicates that the wire has experienced various degrees of aging and severe aging.


2. More accurate judgment of line insulation resistance meter can be used to measure the insulation of electrical lines. Different insulation lines have different minimum allowable values. For example, a 220-V household line in use has a minimum insulation resistance of 0.22 Megohms and a rainy day humidity will not less than 0.1 Megohms. If the measured insulation resistance is less than the above values, there is a problem with the insulation of the electrical wiring.


3. The lifespan of the wire depending on the quality of the wire and wire installation environment. Wires mainly rely on the outer layer of insulation, when the wires corrosion by corrosive gas. The insulation properties may gradually reduce, slowly aginggetting harden, brittle or fall off. At this time the insulation may doesn’t work.

Normal household wire can be used normally for about 20 years


4. After prolonged use of wire insulation will gradually loose aging, resulting in slight leakage, in severe cases can cause short circuit fire. In addition, The wires used in the design of old houses have a small load carrying capacity that is incompatible with the requirements of modern home electrification. In case of overload, wire insulation aging will speeds up. If the core releases heat exceeds 250 degrees Celsius on the insulation, the wire may catch fire and must be replaced as soon as possible.


Regularly carry out line safety inspection. On the wires and other electrical equipments, Need to ask the professionals to have a full inspection on it each yeah. Found the aging wire, damaged, poor insulation and other unsafe conditions, timely repair and make replacement In order to ensure the safety of electricity.