What Requirements Do Robotics Cables Need To Meet?

- Aug 09, 2018-

1. Strong signal transmission capability:

The robot works mainly according to the instructions issued by the computer. However, how the computer signal can be transmitted to the machine driver depends mainly on the cable. If the cable quality is good, the transmitted signal time is short and very accurate, but if the quality of the cable used is not good, it will inevitably affect the signal transmission, the robot can not work stably or the relevant instructions are executed.

2. Good wear resistance:

Good wear resistance is a requirement that robotics cables must meet with because the long-term use of the cable will cause damage to the inside of the core. If the cable is not well worn, it will affect the internal core wire transmission, which will make the control actuators unable to operate normally and also pose a safety hazard. Therefore, the robotics cable selected for use must have a stable and good wear resistance.

3. Excellent bending resistance:

The bending resistance of the robotics cable is superior, and only the cable with a long service life can save resources and improve work efficiency. Long-life cables are preferred for businesses. This will meet the needs of users.

If the robotics cable can meet the above three requirements, then such a cable is quite suitable for robots. However, if the cable does not meet the above requirements, it must not meet the needs of the robot application. If you use a poor quality cable, it will not only affect the use of the robot but also cause damage to the robot and its function.

What we can foresee in the future is that with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, we will have more meaningful communication with robots, and most importantly, more automated integration between robot systems.

For robotics cable manufacturers, this is a good development trend, and the development of new stable robotics cable products will drive the improvement of China's intelligent manufacturing technology.