What Is The UL Certificate

- Jun 28, 2018-

Many people may not clear about what the UL certification of UL wire exactly is? Why the cables need the UL certification? In fact, UL certification is not just for the certification of electronic wire products. It is a kind of testing standard for commodities and it is also applicable to other commodities.

UL's full name is Underwriter Laboratories Inc. The most prestigious in the USA. Also a non-profit third-party non-profit arrangement from the government. The leading scientific detection method was used to detect various parameters of the goods, and the strictest standards for the review of the products that affect the environment and safety were made. The origin, packaging, standards, and environmental impacts of the goods were clarified. 

The intention of the UL certification was stated. That is, for the standard occupational standard, to prevent harmful chemicals from flowing into the mall, such as the lead PVC insulation in the electronic line, the chemical substances that are harmful to the environment and everyone's health, UL detection will specifically detect this kind of substance.

First of all, UL is a way of testing and verifying product safety. It is also a set-up and testing arrangement for US national commodity safety standards. In the past, UL not only provided commodity testing standards for the electronic wire industry, but also industrial products, etc. Thousands of commodities were tested for related functions and international standards were handled. UL certification in the United States is one of the important testing conditions for the import of goods by the country. It is also one of the important references for American consumers to recognize and trust commodities. It has irreplaceable results, and the electronic line industry is even more so.