What Is Solid And Foamed Polyethylene / PE?

- Oct 25, 2018-

Polyethylene also referred to as PE, is a form of thermoplastic insulation.  PE is found in various forms.  It can be solid (common form) or foamed.  One of the electrical differences between solid and foam is the dielectric constant.  The dielectric constant of foamed PE is lower than solid PE.  

Solid PE is typically used as a wire insulation and not as a cable jacket.  Due to the moisture resistance of PE, it is typically used in a wet environment.  Overall, PE insulation is stiff.  The stiffness can vary based upon high and low-density forms (HDPE and LDPE).

Common Types of PE Wire or Cable

1. Oil and Gas Industry

2. Electronics Wiring

3. Networking and Data Wiring