What Is Environmentally Friendly Cable And What Are Its Features?

- Jul 18, 2018-

Environmentally friendly cable means no heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium or mercury, and does not contain brominated flame retardants. It has been tested by SGS recognized testing institutions for environmental performance, in line with the EU Environmental Protection Directive (RoHS) and higher than its index requirements. The cable does not produce harmful halogen gas, does not produce corrosive gas, and has less calorific value when burning, and does not pollute the soil.

1. Rated voltage: 450/750V or below.

2. The highest longTerm working temperature of Cable conductor should be allowed no more than 70, 90, 125 ℃, respectively. 

3. The density of the burning smoke of cable meets the requirements of GB/T 17651-1998 (equivalent to IEC1043), and the light transmittance is ≥60%.

4. The cable halogen acid content test meets the requirements of GB/T 17650-1998 (equivalent to IEC 754-2).  PH value ≥ 4.3, (2) Conductivity ≤ 10μs

5. The flame retardant performance of the cable meets the requirements of GB/T 12666-1990.

6. The toxicity index of the cable is ≤ 3.