What Are The Factors That Lead To Fluctuations In Cable Prices?

- Aug 08, 2018-

1, The conductor: the conductor is the most important component of wire & cable, the conductor is the basic element to realize the function of transferring charge. Generally speaking, wires & cables have 2 types conductor, that is the copper conductor and aluminum conductor; now, there is a latest conductor, it is the aluminum alloy conductor. Obviously, due to the copper prices are much more expensive than aluminum, so, cable uses the copper conductorwhich prices are much higher than the cable uses the aluminum conductor.


2, The cross-sectional of the conductor, which is the most important factor in cable prices, it is clear that The bigger of the cross-section, the higher the price of cable.


3, The insulation of cable, the insulation of cable is another important factor, which decides the price of cable too. With the development of high molecular polymers, a variety of insulation materials also appear in the production of cable, the insulation material has the function of fire resistance, low smoke, halogen free; its price will be much higher.