Uses And Models Of Various UL Cables

- Feb 01, 2018-

1, For the device built-in line.

1, Applications: for the automotive industry, machinery and equipment, computers, household appliances, electronic and electrical equipment, internal wiring.

2, The main products and models.

         Heat-resistant PVC wire: UL1007, UL1015, UL1032, UL1095.

         Semi-rigid PVC wire: UL1061.

         Radiation cross-linked PVC wire: UL1571, UL1685.

         Heat-resistant PVC double insulated wire: UL1430, UL1431, UL1681, UL1617.

         Radiation cross-linked PVC double insulated wire: UL1672.

         Flame retardant cross-linked polyethylene wire: UL1505.

         Radiation cross-linked flame retardant PE wire: UL3265, UL3266, UL3271, UL3343, UL3398.


2, The shield line.


1, Applications: In use of unique superb winding and weaving technology to produce high-performance, anti-interference signal shielding wire, mainly used in audio, video recorders, monitoring equipment, electronic equipment, internal wiring.

2, the main products and models

         Heat-resistant PVC shielded wire: UL1185, UL1533, UL2127, UL2128, UL2129, UL2405, UL2265, UL2482, UL2483.

         Semi-rigid PVC shielded wire: UL2547.



3, The interface cable.


1, Applications: Used in computers, peripherals, office equipment and other electronic equipment, internal wiring, USB cable to achieve computer and printer office equipment such as efficient signal transmission.

2, The main products and models: PVC insulated cable: UL2464.



4, Cable components.


1, Applications: Resistance to bending, space saving, high-speed transmission, used in digital home appliances and computer wiring.

2, The main products and models: UL2468, UL2651, UL20080.



5, Radiation cross-linked wire.


1, Applications: Mainly used for automotive electronic components, motors, lighting equipment and air conditioning equipment.

2, The main products and models: UL1430, UL1571, UL1685, UL3321.



6, Low smoke halogen-free wire.


1, Applications: PVC wires contain halogen elements, release a large number of toxic smoke and corrosive gases when burned, destroy nature and endanger the safety to human life. To this end, the development of low-smoke halogen-free wires is widely used in subway, tunnels, ships and Vehicles, and important high-rise buildings and other places with high security requirements and important facilities.

2, The main products and models: UL3321.



7, Teflon wire.


1, Applications: Fluoroplastics polymer materials (PFA, FEP, ETFE), the use of wire insulation with a higher temperature, temperature up to 260/200 and 150, used in higher temperature work environment, such as household appliances, Lighting, electronic equipment, temperature sensing, burning appliances, microwave ovens and so on.

2, The main products and models: UL10362, UL1901, FEP Wire UL1330, UL1331, UL1332, UL1333, PFA Wire (250 degrees), UL1726, UL1727.



8,Silicone line.


1, Applications: Silicone wire is divided into non-woven and braided silicone wire, the conductor material is made of high-purity tin or silver-plated copper wire, the outer sheath is made of silicone rubber material, with good acid and alkali resistance, antifungal properties, Hot and humid environment and more grease. Available in 60 degrees to 200 degrees below the use of the environment. Mainly used in lighting, household appliances, electric appliances, digital home appliances, motor wiring and computer wiring.



9, TPE wire.


1, Applications: TPE thermoplastic elastomer for short, is a performance at room temperature rubber elasticity, high temperature plasticization molding multi-functional materials, both rubber elasticity and thermoplastic melt flow and reusability, the main Used in power lines, plugs, plugs line, 1394 lines, USB cable, video game consoles, audio headphone cable, speaker cable, mobile phone charging cable, headphone cable and other low-power electronic wire.



10, Computer peripheral equipment wiring.


1, Applications: USB data transmission line for the mouse and keyboard, copiers, printers and scanners and other computer peripherals to provide accurate, timely and efficient data transfer.

2, The main products and models: UL2464



11. Ordinary lighting wiring


1, Applications: OFC high-purity oxygen-free copper for lighting electrical products to provide efficient, safe and stable performance of power transmission, to create an efficient, comfortable, safe, economical and beneficial lighting environment.

2, The main products and models: SPT-1, SPT-2.



12. LED lighting wiring


1, Applications: LED light source is a light source is considered a new type, with the use of low-voltage power supply, low energy consumption, applicability, high stability, short response time, environmental pollution, multicolor light and so on.


Electrical plug power cord: power cord with 3C certification, the European VDE and the United States UL certification.