Update Information For UL Certificates At Biadi

- Apr 17, 2018-

Biadi is committed to understanding and providing what customer needs. We keep improving ourselves and applied for different certifications in order to meet different market and different demands. Recently, we finally got the UL certificates of CM and CMR rating for our UTP LAN cable with PVC sheath! Our Certificate No. is E496528. 

The following is as for your reference:

CMR Rating:(Riser Flame Test)

This is a UL standard commercial cable (Riser Cable), the applicable safety standard is UL1666. This includes CMR copper cables as well as OFNR or OFCR fiber optic cables, which are the second most rated cables Bundled trunk cables Flames on the cables must be extinguished within 5 m of the forced air blow of the fans, however, it No smoke or toxic norms. Countries other than the United States usually use this fire rated cable in building trunks and horizontal cables.

CM Rating: (Vertical Tray Flame Test)

This is the UL standard commercial grade cable (General Purpose Cable), the applicable safety standard is UL1581. This includes CM copper cables as well as OFN or OFC fiber optic cables. Commercial grade cables are lower than the mainline grade, and the flame on the bundled cables must be extinguished within 5meter of the flame without the restriction of a forced fan blowing and no smoke or Toxicity specifications Commercial grade cables are commonly used for horizontal routing and are generally bundled together.

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