Twisted Pair CAT 8 Cable Standards

- Nov 15, 2018-

To keep it simple, the reason why copper cables are twisted as pairs is that the twisting of two wires would help contain the electromagnetic field that would be created as a result of electrical signals passing through the wires. Frequency characteristics of the twisted wire can limit the actual speed of data passing through a twisted pair. When the cable has a higher frequency characteristic, it means that the wire is able to contain the electromagnetic fields at higher frequency rates allowing higher speeds.

One way to increase frequency characteristics is to have more twists, more twists provide higher frequency characteristics. Another way to increase frequency characteristics is by using individually shielded pairs.

As technology advances the demand for increased data speeds will continue to grow and manufacturers will continue to develop twisted pair cables that can support those higher speeds.

Here are the current Category standards for twisted pair cables:

CAT 3 – 1 MHz, 10 Mbps

CAT 5/5e – 100 MHz, 100 Mbps

CAT 6 – 250 MHz, 1 Gbps

CAT 7 – 600 MHz, 10 Gbps

CAT 7a – 1000 MHz, 10 Gbps+

Category 8 Standard

As you can see by the Category standards above, you can expect CAT 8 to provide better frequency characteristics, therefore supporting higher speeds of data. CAT 8 is capable of supporting bandwidths of up to 2 GHz (2000 MHz) for up to 30 meters of cabling. Cat8 can also support 25Gbps/ 40Gbs speeds. The physical appearance of CAT 8 cable is similar to lower category cables and still terminated in RJ45 connections.

Where can you buy CAT 8?

There are several marketplaces to find CAT8 patch cords for sale such as Amazon, eBay, and a quick Google search. A few distributors are offering CAT 8 cable in bulk 500ft. reels with price ranging between $975 - $989 average.

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