The Wire And Cable Industry Needs Long-term Success

- Mar 20, 2018-

In recent years, the global cable industry has continued to rise due to the sharp increase in demand from emerging countries including China.Despite fluctuations in growth due to various factors such as raw materials over years, In brief, both the market size of cables and the copper materials used in power cables are steadily rising.

In the future, wire and cable industry in China will remain unchanged for long-term good conditions:

1. In the next five years, urbanization in China will still be in a stage of rapid development.With the growth of the urban population and the continuous expansion of the construction scale, wire and cable still face a vast demand market.

2. While China’s industrialization has been able to basically meet domestic demand, the development of advanced production technologies, the elimination of outdated production capacity, and the adjustment of the industrial structure have brought about a broad market space for related supporting industries.

3. Vigorously develop strategic emerging industries and promote the upgrading of industrial structure, scientific and technological progress and economic and social development, green environmental protection, low-carbon energy, intelligent, interconnected and other new development trends, will provide a new growth point for the cable industry.

However, it is worth noting that with the development of power industry in China, the requirements for supporting industries are also getting higher and higher.Wire and cable, as an important part of the power supporting industry, is no exception and faces the demand for upgrading. Adapt to the needs of China’s power development. Future wire and cable companies should work hard to improve technology, save raw materials, and develop new environmentally friendly materials.

"Environmental protection" has become a common challenge faced by cable manufacturers in recent years, and is also a common direction pursued by wire and cable companies in various countries.

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