The UL Wire Hard Protection Layer And The Soft Protection Layer Which One Is Better?

- Jul 19, 2018-

UL electronic wire is one of the most commonly used electronic wires in the electronics industry, and it is also the lowest cost wire. The UL electronic wire is the internal connection of electrical equipment. The UL wire hard protection layer and the soft protection layer which one is better?

1. The hard UL wire because it has a hard material, doesn't have enough space to shorten, and has no good toughness. It will be broken when it is exposed to the wind or water for a long time, and it will be weathered after a long time;

2. The soft UL wire has a certain expansion and contraction space, and good toughness, long-term use does not have to worry about breaking, has a long lifespan;

Considering the two hardness of the electron line, the soft UL electron line is better.

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