The Laying Requirement Of Direct Buried Cable

- Apr 18, 2018-

The cable buried depth should meet the following requirements:


The distance from the cable surface to the ground should not be less than 0.7m. When crossing the farmland, it should not be less than 1m. In the introduction of buildings, crossing with underground buildings and bypassing underground buildings, Can shallow burial, but protective measures should be taken.


Cables should be buried under the frozen soil layer. When conditions are limited, measures should be taken to prevent damage to the cables.


The minimum net distance between cables, cables and other pipes, roads, buildings, etc. shall be in accordance with the following table. It is forbidden to lay the cable parallel to the pipe above or below


The upper and lower parts of the buried cable shall be covered with soft soil or sand layer of not less than 100mm thickness, and shall be covered with a protective plate whose covering width shall exceed 50mm on both sides of the cable. The protection plate may be a concrete cover plate or brick. There should be no rocks or other hard debris in soft soil or sand.

The distance per 50-100M should show a clear bearing marker or markers for direct buried cable in the linear segment, cable connection, corner, entering the building and so on.