The First Direct Connection Undersea Optical Cable System From Africa To South American Is Scheduled To Be Completed In September

- May 30, 2018-

[Cables News] The state-owned telecommunications supplier of Cameroon, whose name is CamTel has announced the start of installation work on the South Atlantic Submarine Cable (SAIL) system to connect Kribi (Cameroon) and Fortaleza (Brazil).


According to the announcement from Telecom CamTel of Cameroon, on May 16, a laying ship with 6,000 km of cable was set to sail from Kribi, and the time for deployment on the sea was estimated to be 50 to 75 days (80 to 120 km of cables are laid per day).

The marine cable laying will adopt advanced 100G technology from Huawei. The total length of this system is 5900KM, it will adopt 4 pcs Optical fiber pair with a design capacity of 32 Tbps.

According to the plan, the system will be completed in September 2018, aiming to become the first straight-through cable connecting Africa and South America, and will provide reliable high-quality telecommunication infrastructure for the economic and social development of the 2 developing regions.

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