The Difference Between Hard Wire And Soft Wire

- Sep 19, 2018-

1. Hard wire is generally a single core wire, that is to say, the conductor is only a solid copper core, and the conductor of soft wire is made of multi-stranded twisted copper wire;

2. The hard wire production process is relatively simpler than the soft wire;

3. High-frequency circuit soft wire is larger than hard wire current carrying capacity, skin effect;

4. If the hard wire is due to armor, the mechanical strength of hard wiring is better than soft wire, better protection of the cable;

5. The Hard wire is also called plastic copper wire, the hard wire under 10mm2 is generally single core, household wire generally does not exceed 6 mm2;

6. The soft wire is also called sheathed wire, generally, a multi-stranded wire, that is to say, the inside is multiple stranded copper core;

7. It is known from the difficulty of the production process that the same square soft wire has a higher price than the hard wire.