The Difference Between Copper Clad Aluminum And Copper Clad Copper

- Jul 26, 2018-

In nowadays society, the network is more and more extensive in our lives, almost every family has, then the network cable is essential. I am introducing to you today some related contents of copper clad aluminum and copper clad copper. let's figure it out together. I hope that I can help you through the following introduction.


Copper clad aluminum is copper plated on the outside, and the inner core wire is made of aluminum. If you look at the exterior, it should be a white core. The volume of aluminum is 1/3 of the copper component. Therefore, the price per unit of copper-clad aluminum is much lower than the price of oxygen-free copper. However, copper-clad aluminum has poor oxidation resistance and it oxidizes very quickly in the case of a humid environment. Its raw material has poor bending resistance and is not suitable for use in walls. Therefore, it is only suitable for customers whose network security needs are not high, or for a short time to establish a network.


Copper-clad copper has a new line of oxygen-free copper and is made of brass. Because his raw materials are different, it is called copper clad copper. The price of copper is half or less than oxygen-free copper. The line made is a non-standard wire. His resistance to twists and turns and oxidation resistance are better than copper clad aluminum.


Therefore, most of these products are used in the construction of wiring with a low budget, which can make dark lines in the wall. However, due to the influence of the wire, the resistance is large and the attenuation of the signal is also very large. We must pay attention to this point.


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