The Differences Between Cat6 And Cat6A Lan Cable

- Dec 12, 2017-

With the popularity of high-definition video, video conference and other multimedia applications, the demand for network bandwidth is getting higher and higher. It comes to a result that 1Gbps is gradually being replaced by 10Gbps. Therefore, Cat5e cable which supports 1Gbps transmission gradually fades from people's perspectives.

Cat6 and Cat6A are the more common network cable products on the market. So what’s the difference between Cat6 and Cat6A?

The difference between Cat6 and Cat6A lan cable.jpg

1,The speed and bandwidth

Cat6 network cable is mainly used in 1Gbps network connection, and Cat6A cable is used for 10Gbps network connection which is with higher bandwidth performance than Cat6.Also, the transmission frequency of Cat6A is twice as high as CAT6.For example, the bandwidth of Cat6 is 250Mhz while Cat6A is 500Mhz.


2.The structure

Both Cat6 and Cat6A have insulated crosstalk. But what the difference is that  Cat6A uses a gear-shaped slot shape.


3.The design

The core spacing is more dense and its conductor is also thicker thus its diameter is larger than Cat6.In addition, the problem with external crosstalk will be more serious due to the higher transmission frequency of the Cat6A. Therefore, Cat6A uses a more stringent shielding design. In general, Cat6A cable can be divided into F / UTP cable and U / UTP cable.


Nowadays, 10GBASE-T network is becoming more and more popular, thus the usage of Cat6 and Cat6A network cable is getting more and more extensive. We should pay more attention on Cat6 and Cat6A network cable.