The Development And Trends Of Wire And Cable

- May 29, 2018-

International wire and cable industry development

1. The global wire and cable industry are growing overall.

2. The concentration of the industry continues to increase, and the competitiveness of large enterprises is further enhanced.

3. The requirements for safety and environmental protection of products are continuously upgraded, and the level of certification in various countries has been continuously improved to strengthen the supervision of important products including wires and cables. The major regions, countries and institutions in the world have issued relevant qualification certifications.

The development of wire and cable industry in China

1. Wire and cable industry occupies an important position in the national economy.

2. The market scale grows steadily, and the industry expands new growth points.

3. Industrial clusters have already formed and the regional market features significantly.

4. The export market continues to grow, with obvious import substitution trends.

Industry trends

1. Special wire and cable will become the main growth point in the industry.

2. Industry concentration will further increase.

3. Industry research and development capabilities and technology levels will continue to improve.

4. Brand and marketing network become key elements of competition.