The Conditions Of Using Unshielded Cable

- Mar 22, 2018-

For unshielded cables, if the UTP cable is properly connected, use a wire slot to make the cable path an effective shield. In this case, it should not be considered unshielded cable.

If all of the following conditions are followed simultaneously, unshielded cables can be used to worry about accidental malfunction due to electromagnetic interference:

(1) The parallel distance between the data cable and the LAN power cable is 30cm (in order to limit the loop area, not more than 30cm; in order to limit the capacitive coupling, not less than 30cm);

(2) The parallel distance between the data cable and the power supply cable of other systems is at least 30cm to limit capacitive coupling;

(3) The use of TGBT for power supply helps the LAN to avoid the common mode impedance of the power grid;

(4) The ambient environment of unshielded cables can limit electrostatic discharge (cutting pile carpets that cannot resist static electricity);

(5) Any station on the LAN should not be connected to a weak current cable (especially a telephone line) led from a building because the use of a properly installed lightning arrester will not prevent the communication card on the non-shielded Internet from being damaged.

The simplest method is to lay the unshielded cable in a well-connected metal trunk to form an effective shield for the cable path, which may allow for the best protection against high-frequency interference and avoid damage to the communication card.