Security Cable Industry Low-cost Competition Serious,The Shortcomings Of Coaxial Cable Exposed

- Jun 19, 2018-

As the world's largest cable producer, China's internationalization of security cables has become increasingly evident.


Although the development of the security industry has led the cable industry to continue to have new opportunities, in the current security cable industry, the disorderly competition among security cable companies is fierce. When the vicious competition develops and the selling price of the product is already close to or even lower than the actual cost of product manufacturing, it will lead some manufacturers to maintain their profits and control costs so as to maintain the operation and production by means of cutting corners, reducing the amount of goods, and reducing the cost. the result of.


In addition, in recent years, as the main raw material for security cables, the price of copper has continuously increased, so that a small number of manufacturers use recycled copper instead of pure copper as the raw material of cables. These substandard products will lead to security systems in the transmission process and cannot reach a certain standard.


In the past few years, the extremely fiery “analogue HD” technology in the security cable industry has not achieved an ideal development, in part because of the concept of “no replacement of existing coaxial cable” advocated by it. Notice that the signal volume of high-definition video transmission is far away from the signal volume of traditional analogue video transmission. However, the drawbacks of some of the coaxial cables mentioned above are actually exposed in practical applications, resulting in the original transmission system can not meet the analogue high-definition Transmission requirements. Therefore, these vicious competitions will lead to the decline of cable products, while smaller ones will affect the company's own reputation, and most of them will jeopardize the development of the entire cable industry.