RG59 Siamese Cable Hot Selling

- Sep 17, 2018-

Biadicable offers high-grade RG59 Coaxial cable with 2 core power wire, which used in the video, surveillance camera and CCTV applications. This kind of cable also named as RG59 Siamese cable, it allows the transmission of both power and video to your security cameras in one cable run.

RG59 Siamese cable is easy to use and great for distance, it is the most popular type of camera. We have Siamese cable packed by coil or wooden reel. The reel of cable without connectors on it so it makes easier for installations where you have to snake the cable through the walls. You need to install two BNC connectors and two power pigtails for each camera that you have to tip the cable and connect it to your camera’s video and power connector. 

We ship a large quantity of Siamese cable to Russia market. The key parameters for each batch of shipment inspected. Customized specification welcomed all the time, enquiry now to get what you want. sales@biadicable.com

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