RG59 Siamese Cable

- Feb 25, 2018-

RG59 Siamese cable is a heavily shielded cable which contains RG59 COAX video and 1 pair of 18 gauge power in one jacket or parallel jacket. The RG59 Siamese cable that Biadicable supplies has a solid copper core and 95% copper braided shielding. This is the gold standard of cable for CCTV and HD CCTV installations. Of course optional cost solutions are available from Biadicable in order to make you more competitive.

The advantages to using RG59 Siamese cable is that its more durable and can be run in long distances without interference. You can also cut each security camera run the exact length that you need. You will need to attach BNC connectors to each end of the RG59 coax part of the cable for the CCTV video transmission. BNC connectors are available intwist on, crimp on, and compression types. 500 foot spools of RG59 Siamese cable are also available.

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