RG59 Coax Cabling Installation Guide

- Jan 08, 2019-

1,RG59 Coax Video

Probably the most common way of installing SD CCTV is using RG59 Coax and power cable - often called Siamese cable. The cable comes in 100 or 250-meter lengths, you would then cut the cable to the lengths you need for each camera.

2,Video Connections

At either end of your cut to length cable, you would need to fit a BNC connector to the coax cable - this can be a "crimp on", "screw on" or "twist on" connector. If you have a crimp on tool then the most secure connection is the crimp on, if you do not you may have to go with one of the others.

3,Power Connections

For the power cable, if you need to connect to a DC Jack you can simply use a male or female dc jack depending on your requirements.

4,Power Supply (PSU)

Finally, you need to power your cameras, this can be done in several ways. You could use a single power supply for each camera - but the most efficient way is to use a multiway power supply that can power all of your cameras from one source.