Research On The Shielding Attenuation Of Coaxial Cable

- Feb 08, 2018-

Shielding attenuation of PE foams mainly depends on the following factors:

1: Aluminum foil lap width should be not less than 5mm. Foil clad overlap rate should be greater than 20%.

2: It is suggested to increase the thickness of aluminum layer to 15μm or more, and even higher to 30μm.

3: Done well with the relationship of attenuation, return loss and shielding, between the former and the latter two is contradictory. Under the conditions of good attenuation, reduce the degree of foaming, to improve the shielding effect and return loss.

4: Aluminum foil quality must be good, especially good flexibility, after a variety of bending without cracks.

5: Vertical package process of braiding must be improved, so as not to wrinkle the middle of the tape, the formation of gaps or reduce the lap width, causing leakage.

6: Reasonable braiding density. However, if the braiding density is too high, that will increase the "side frequency difference" at high frequencies, making it more and more difficult to amplify the compensation and affect the cable performance.

7: During cable laying process, avoid the holes or slits in the strong pull, so that aluminum foil cracks or rupture.