Precautions For Home Decoration Wire Threading

- Oct 31, 2018-

1. Now the workers thread wire when they are wiring the pipe. It is difficult to ensure that the wires can be replaced smoothly in the future. The correct way should wait until the PVC pipe is installed and then thread the wire uniformly.

2. The same circuit wire should be inserted into the same pipe, but the total number of pipes in the pipe should not exceed 4.

The total cross-sectional area of the inner conductor should not exceed 40% of the cross-sectional area of the inner diameter of the tube

3. The joints that penetrate the piping wires should be placed in the junction box, leaving a wire allowance of 150 mm.

4. At first, the wiring should be rinse tin, and then wrapped with tape for 7 laps, the insulation tape wrap should be even and tight.

5. Thread wire inside the pipe should be separated color. The color for firewire is red, the null cable is blue or black, and the ground cable is a yellow-phase two-color cable.

6. For the socket, the upper zero fire or the left zero right fire, the grounding is 2.5 square two-color soft wire.

7. When connecting the switch and the screw luminaire, the phase line should be connected first.

8. There are some decoration companies do not wear the ground line (using 1/2 inch pipe, the ground cable cannot thread it at all), it is absolutely dangerous.

For electrical appliances with metal casings, once they are leaking, whoever is hit is the ground wire.

9. The electric heater should not be installed with ordinary sockets and should not be directly mounted on flammable components.

10. Install the splash box in the bathroom socket.

11. Mark the location of the trace. After the slot is buried, take a photo of the location (especially the kitchen and bathroom) before the wall is closed.

When the completed circuit, the diagram should be kept in a file for future maintenance.