Patch Cord

- Aug 07, 2018-

The patch cord is a small switch that controls the current flow on the board. Its function is to adjust the on-off relationship of different electrical signals on the device and to adjust the working state of the device, such as determining the motherboard voltage, the master-slave relationship of the drive, etc. 

The patch cord is basically composed of two parts, one part is fixed on the motherboard, the hard disk and so on. It is composed of two or more metal jump pins; the other part is a jumper cap, which is a movable component. The outer layer is made of insulating plastic and the inner layer is made of conductive material. It can be inserted over the jumper pin to connect the two jumper pins. 

When the jumper cap is buckled on the two jumper pins, it is in the on state, and there is current passing through, which we call ON; otherwise, when the jumper cap is not buckled, it means disconnected, called OFF.

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