Nuclear Grade Cable

- Nov 22, 2017-

· This product is suitable for control and signal connection cables used in control system networks with rated voltage Uo / U of 0.6 / 1kV for nuclear power plants.

· Cable conductor allows long-term operating temperature of 90 ℃, the maximum short-circuit conductor temperature does not exceed 250 ℃, the duration of no more than 5 seconds.

· When laying the cable ambient temperature should not be less than 0 ℃.

Bending radius when laying cable:

- Armored cable, not less than 6 times the cable diameter

- Cables with armored or copper tape shielding results shall be not less than 12 times the cable diameter

- A shielded flexible cable, not less than 6 times the cable diameter.

· When the working temperature of the conductor is not more than 90 ℃ for a long time, the qualification life of the cable shall not be less than 40 years.

· Finished cable should meet the requirements of GB / T18380.3 class A bunched-beam combustion test requirements.

· Finished cable smoke density: light transmittance of not less than 70%.

Radiation resistance: 25 × 104Gy

· Halogen-free: Non-metallic materials in combustion, the acidity of the evolved gas (PH value) should be greater than 4.3; Conductivity not more than 10μS / mm.