Monitoring Wiring Wire Laying Method And Attention

- Apr 04, 2018-

The way of monitoring outdoor wiring as: overhead, laying along the wall or buried.

The way of monitoring indoor wiring generally uses cable tray or bridges, common monitoring projects are used in the indoor cable tray, the bridge is needed for large monitoring room.

No matter which method you will use, the cable pipe for threading is needed, since be sure to protect the wire as much as possible. On the one hand to extend the service life of the wire, on the other hand, in order to cable looking is beautiful.


1、Select the suitable wire in advance is needed for monitoring wiring, it is necessary to ensure that the voltage stability does not affect the normal operation of the camera.

2、The wiring route should pay attention to the surrounding environment, to avoid the interference of strong magnetic fields, interference should be arranged shielding.

3、Monitoring and wiring must be strong current and weak current separate wiring, Separate wiring to prevent strong electrical interference.

4、There is no end node in the video cable. In the middle of the power cable, try not to have a connection point, in the case has a connecting node, you have to set up a wire box.

5、The both ends of monitoring wiring must be marked for easy debugging and maintenance in the future.