Monitoring Cable

- Mar 28, 2018-

The monitoring cable is used to transmit video signals. It is a coaxial cable used to transmit video baseband analog signals. Its role is to transmit the image data captured by the surveillance camera. Monitoring cable is a kind of coaxial cable, also known as a coaxial video cable.

The application of monitoring cable is very extensive. At the same time, it is closely related to our life. We are in the residential area, office buildings, street entrances etc.; these places can all see CCTV cameras, and then, of course, with monitoring cable. Therefore, monitoring cable provides us with good security.


The structure of the monitoring cable from the inside out is: single core copper → insulation material →Foil →braiding (copper braid, aluminum braid, etc.) → outer sheath (PVC, etc.)

Monitoring cable must have a good shielding effect, the role of the braid layer is here, the shield layer can well shield the outside interference (magnetic field, etc.), to provide a good protection environment for the transmission of the core signal.


It is mainly suitable for transmission equipment and various types of digital program-controlled switches, signal transmission between optical transmission equipment internal connection and distribution frame, and is used to transmit data, audio, video and other communication equipment. The sheath is made of flame-retardant material and has a high safety factor. The use of advanced technology to produce a good cable impedance uniformity.

Working principle:

The effective transmission line of the monitoring cable is actually only a single-core copper conductor, so the binary information is transmitted in the working project.