LSHF Cable – Build The Safe Buildings

- Feb 05, 2018-

With the increasing demand for safe buildings, more attention is being paid to the types of cables being installed, and the potential risks in the event of fire. It is now recognized that smoke and poisonous fumes are often a far greater risk to life and property than the fire itself.

The main danger is often the smoke that is produced by combustible material - the fumes pose a huge threat to both people and property. The Kings Cross fire of 1987 still acts as a sobering reminder of the dangers of fire breaking out in enclosed spaces. At the inquest into the Kings Cross fire, many people were found to have been overcome by toxic smoke rather than injured by the flames.

This won’t just affect computers, it will also damage security/access control equipment, building management systems, lifts and just about anything else with a circuit board. The fire may have been extinguished within minutes with no great risk to life but the damage to equipment may be colossal.


LSHF cables (Low Smoke Halogen Free), are those that, when exposed to fire, emit no more than 0.5% hydrogen chloride. They are not the same as LSF cables.

LSF cables(Low Smoke and Fume), in the case of data, signal and control cables, are made from a modified version of PVC and can still give off large amounts of black smoke and hydrogen chloride gas when burned. LSF cables can still give off a massive 22% hydrogen chloride and still be sold as LSF.


Ordinary PVC emits approximately 28% hydrogen chloride when burned and, while no specific standard exists for their emissions.

Black smoke can obscure exit routes in the event of a fire and hydrogen chloride gas can be deadly to both people and sensitive equipment.

If it’s a public access building such as an airport, a hospital, a prison, or a hotel, or indeed anywhere that the evacuation in the event of a fire may be restricted you will almost certainly need a LSHF cable. 

While, all of the cable ranges Biadi can be offered in LSF/LSHF/FR-PVC versions. When you see it, make the inquiry to us now!