Knowledge Of High Strength Aluminum Harness

- Jan 04, 2019-

Complying with the recent requirements of lower fuel consumption, safety, and riding comfort of the automobile, weight reduction of the wire harness (by 20-30 kg per vehicle) has become a more important issue. Instead of the copper wire which has been conventionally used, "high-strength aluminum alloy wire" is installed in the engine harness for the purpose of reducing weight and cost.

Compared with conventional aluminum wire, “High-strength aluminum alloy wire” exhibits higher strength and higher bending properties, which have been applied to the development of the high-strength aluminum harness.  The "high-strength aluminum alloy wire" has been employed as the engine harness for the first time in the world (approximately 20% or more of the number of the wires).  The wire harness has succeeded in reducing the weight and cost to a level lower than those of current products.