How To Use The Terminal

- Mar 14, 2018-

The terminal is used to connect the wire and cable to the electrical equipment. The top part is fixed with the screw, and the end part for the wire copper core after stripping. The Terminals can be used for the cable, which square meter is greater than 10 square meters. And the terminal is not used for the cable, which square meter less than 10 square. It will use cold crimp terminals instead. The copper terminals have the tinned surface and non-tinned surface, the tube pressure type and the plugging of oil type.

The main scope of application:

Household appliances, electrical industry, mechanical equipment factory, shipyard, distribution cabinet, such as distribution boxes. Product appearance specification is good, conductive performance is good and safe.

The surface treatment is commonly used in two ways:

1. Pickling, pickling color, and red copper are basically the same, can play a beautiful antioxidant more conducive to conductive.

2. Tin plated, the tin-plated copper terminal surface is silvery-white, better oxidation and conductive, and to prevent copper in the conduction of the harmful gas diffusion produced.

Installation notes:

1. Screws must be tightened.

2. Cable and copper terminals must be plugged in place and pressed with pliers.