How To Control The Quality Of Stranded Wire And Cable

- May 22, 2018-

Quality control during preparation

1) Before unsecured single wires or strands, check the equipment according to the requirements of equipment inspection. If necessary, start the equipment for trial operation, check the operation of the relevant components, and check whether all types of protection switches are effective.

2) Check whether the various types of materials used meet the requirements of the process guidance card and the production order, such as the length of the single line, the specifications of various types of bags, and so on.

3) According to the process requirements, the single wire or strand will be placed on the payoff rack. Note that the twisting and arrangement of the inner and outer layers should be consistent with the process requirements. Pre-adjust the tension of the pay-off line and the tension of the take-up line.

4) According to the production instructions and process requirements, matching and installation of various types of fixtures, such as the merging die, compacting die, etc., must be properly adjusted according to the actual situation.

5) The capacity of the take-up reel should be compatible with the production length and specifications, and the installation should be carried out according to the equipment's operating procedures.

Quality control during stranding operation

1) Set the twisting pitch and twisting direction, put the single wire or strand gradually and connect it with the guiding rope to the take-up reel.

2) Start the equipment at a low speed, run for a certain length, and check the pitch, twisting direction, etc. after parking. At the same time, check the operation of the equipment to determine its integrity.

3) After the vehicle is confirmed to meet the requirements, the vehicle can be operated normally. During the operation, it is not allowed to leave the station without permission. Due to the inspection of the outside diameter of the stranded wire, whether the stranded wire is in stock, broken wire, appearance, etc., and recorded in accordance with the semi-finished product inspection specification.

4) Check the quality of the wrapper, including the cover, joints, and shapes.

5) 0.3mm below single-line allow joints, but adjacent two joints must be greater than 300mm, 0.3mm above a single line must be welded, joints should be flat. There must be no more than two single wires twisted together.

6) The pitch of the cable should be compatible with the size of the stranded wire and the take-up speed. The severe cross arrangement is strictly prohibited. The reels must not be overfilled. Generally, the reels should be 5~10mm below the edge of the reels. Care should be taken to prevent damage to the cores when unloading.