How To Choose The Material For Electronic Wire Harness Processing

- Oct 23, 2019-

The popularity of electronic products makes the use of wire harnesses very wide, but no matter what kind of occasions are used if the wire harness is faulty, it may cause serious consequences. Therefore, the quality of the wire harness is very important, and the quality of the wire harness is good or bad, will directly affect the quality of the wire harness, and the choice of wire harness material will be related to the service life of the wire harness.

The wire harness is composed of an insulating sheath, a wrapping material, a wire, and a terminal. Therefore, it is only necessary to understand these materials, and the advantages and disadvantages of the wire harness can be easily distinguished.

1. Selection of insulation and sheath material

The material of the sheath material generally has the following types: ABS, PA6, PBT, PA66, PP, and so on. When designing the plug-in, you can select different materials according to different needs, or you can add enhanced materials to the plastic according to the actual situation, so as to achieve the purpose of reinforcement.

2. The selection of dressing materials

Wire harness dressing can play the role of flame retardant, anti-interference, wear resistance, noise reduction, anti-corrosion and beautification of appearance. Generally, suitable dressing materials can be selected according to the specific environment of work and the size of space.

3, The selection of wire harness conductor

This is according to the use of different environment, to choose the corresponding wire material.

4. The terminal

The material of the terminal is mainly copper, and there are two kinds of bronze and brass (the hardness of bronze is higher than that of brass),among them, Brass has more weight than bronze. In addition, different coatings need to be selected according to different requirements.