How To Choose The Cable For Weak Current Equipment

- Aug 29, 2018-

The weak electricity includes telephone cable, network cable, cable TV cable, audio cable, video cable, audio cable, and so on. Although the specifications are high or low, the weak electricity should be selected according to the owner's life plan to decide whether to choose high-standard products.

TV Cable

At present, quad shielded coaxial cables are selected generally. The most important thing to choose TV cable is to see if the braiding is tight. The closer the shielding function is, the better the TV signal will be. The thickness of the copper wire can also be seen. The thicker it is, the better its anti-magnetic and anti-interference signals are.

Speaker cable

Now, the speaker cable on the market to sell, which is 200 cores and 300 cores commonly. In general, 200 cores can meet basic needs. If the sound effect is very high, such as the sound is very realistic, consider the 300-core audio cable.

Lan cable

The LAN cable on the market to sell, there are Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 cable. Cat5e cable mainly used for 100BASE-T and 10BASE-T networks. This is the most commonly used Ethernet cable. But its transmission bandwidth is 100MHz, and the transmission bandwidth of the Cat6 cable is 250MHz.

Telephone cable

There are 2 core and 4 core single strands telephone cable. The 2-core single-strand telephone cable can meet the general demand, and the 4-core cable can meet the demand of installing two different number telephones in the home. And the 4-core single-strand telephone cable has 2 cores for backup.

The common sense of choose and buy  

When choosing a cable, please don't think that the wire is the more expensive, the better is. Please consider the main practicalities. If the 4 mm2 cable is enough, do not buy 6 or 10 mm2 wires. Because of the larger the square, the higher the price.