How To Choose Telephone Cable

- Feb 28, 2018-

1, Conductor uses high-purity oxygen-free copper for telephone cable, transmission attenuation signal loss are small , sound quality is clear without noise, there is no distance for a calling.

2, Used high-grade transparent material for jacket, corrosion resistant to acid and alkali, anti-aging, long lifespan.

3, Telephone cable use of polypropylene material, which with high purity, transmission attenuation is lower, transmission speed is higher, suitable for broadband Internet access, can achieve the high transmission speed of videophone requirements.

4, Qualified copper core telephone line copper core should be amaranthine color, shiny, handing soft. And shoddy copper core color is purple black, yellowish or partial white.

5, The good quality RJ45 connector should be golden color, and inferior connector due to use of different materials, the color will be dark black after oxidized on surface.