Hong Kong Electronics Components Show Broadcast

- Oct 11, 2018-

Welcome to meet Biadicable at HK Global Sources Electronics Components Show during 11th to 14th Oct. We are at Hall 11 and our booth No. is 11K27.

 Hk fair02

With the efforts we've made, we've got 4 more certifications from Global Source than April. 

Details below:

1.  Low-loss shielded coaxial cable BD-400.

2.  Loudspeaker wire with OFC strands.

3.  Audio cable in flat profile for flexible,space-saving installation.

4.  EV automotive cable shielded cable for electric vehicles.

5.  Control cable (VDE approval) Direct-burial cable for indoor/Outdoor installation.

6.  Multicore automotive cable 

7.  Siamese CCTV cable 3 in 2.

8.  Unshielded fire alarm cable with 4 to 20 solid cores.

9.  Coaxial cable BD-100 low-loss.

For further information, please contact us at sales@biadicable.com any time.