HDBaseT Approved Network Cables

- Jan 18, 2018-

HDBaseT is the global One-cable standard for the transmission of ultra-high-definition Ethernet. For consumer electronics and even industrial PCs, this can be a simple category cable for up to 100m/328ft. Biadi delivered the UTP Cat5e network cable and UTP Cat6 network cable to one of famous Europe clients, they got our cables tested by the HDBaseT Alliance, our network cable pass the test and client got the certification. This is to make it the ideal choice for high speed data networks across home or buildings.


Versatility: HDBaseT is an industry-proven technology, which can be easily adapted across different sectors.

Standardization: HDBaseT is an industry standard, facilitating interoperability.

Affordability: HDBaseT relies on low-cost infrastructure without compromising on the performance, reducing not only installation but also maintenance costs.

Base on above, the HDBaseT approved cables deliveries quality of experience, without compromising the cable performance and ensure high quality.

Biadicable’s Cat5e cables and Cat6 cables are HDBaseT approved, compliant with ISO/IEC118011, TIA/EIA568C.2 standard. It is the ideal choice for high speed networks, whether it used for home or buildings. It can packed by 100metre/cardboard and 305metre/pull easy box for easy handling and operation. And the network cable available in both PVC and LSZH sheath, with various sheath color. Welcome make enquiry.