Flammability Of Power Cable

- Nov 27, 2018-

The power cable is an important part of electrical engineering which is used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. The power cable is composed of an insulated core wire, an insulating sheath and a protective layer. In order to adapt to a variety of complex laying environments, the power cable is designed to have good insulation, water and mechanical properties. However, when an overcurrent occurs in the cable loop and the cable overheats, the performance of the cable changes which in turn causes a fire.

So, how can we do?

1. Create a good operating environment to avoid accelerated aging and damage to cable insulation;

2. Strengthen the preventive test of cables;

3. Strengthen the management and operation monitoring of cable head production quality;

4. Prevent other equipment from igniting the ignition cable;

5. Use plugging, coating, wrapping, etc. to prevent the cable from burning.