Difference Between Outdoor And Indoor CAT6 Network Cable

- Mar 15, 2018-

The internal structure for both Cat6 indoor and outdoor are the same.

The main difference is the outer jacket. The jacket of outdoor Cat6 is generally using water blocking PE material, which plays a role in waterproof sunscreen, tensile and compression. The jacket of indoor Cat6 usually uses PVC new material. And this kind of material is relatively soft and it can adapt to indoor wiring and maintain the flexibility of indoor wiring to a greater extent. Therefore, we should protect the jacket of the indoor Cat6 when the wiring is worn. Especially not to use goto hard when pulling the cable. Because it will be easy to pull the core badly.

In particular, there are two layers of Cat6 outdoor cable which includes internal PVC jacket and outer PE water blocking jacket. Due to the more complicated environment for outdoor wiring than indoor, the double layers jackets can improve the tensile resistance and water resistance of the Cat6 cable and protect the copper core from damage.

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