Conditions For Using Unshielded Cables

- Jan 22, 2018-

For unshielded cables, for example cat5e, cat6 & cat7c cables; UTP(unshielded twisted-pair cables) are laid on a chute-shaped of insulated plastic holder, should be used GXC is the correct way of connection for UTP cable.

It will may the path of cable forms an effective shielding layer; in this case, you can't regard it as non-shielded cable.

If comply with all the following conditions in the same time, please don’t worry about the accidental dysfunction caused by electromagnetic interference if using un-shielded cable.

(1) The parallel distance between the data cable and the LAN power supply cable is 30cm (in order to limit the loop area, not greater than 30cm; In order to limit the capacitance coupling, not less than 30cm);

(2) The parallel distance between the data cable and the power supply cable of other system is at least 30cm, to limit the capacitance coupling;

(3) Using TGBT power supply is beneficial to the local area network to avoid common-mode impedance;

(4) The surrounding environment of non-shielded cable can limit electrostatic discharge;

(5) Any station of the local area network should not connect to the low current cable (especially telephone cable) from the building, because even with the right arrester installed, also cannot avoid the damage of communication card, which on the unshielded Internet. It is obviously particularly difficult to comply with all of the above conditions in the same time. The simplest way is laying the unshielded cable in a metal groove with good connection to make the path of the cable effective shielding is; it may allow to provide the best anti-high-frequency interference measures, but also to avoid the damage of communication cards.