Common Wire Connection Precautions During Wire Harness Processing

- Nov 19, 2019-

Some common connecting wires, electronic wires, and automotive wire harness wire connections in the wire harness processing process need to pay attention to some matters:

The connection between the terminal and the wire

1) Winding the terminal must be wound 1 to 2 turns;

2) The cup terminal must be tightly connected along the longer inner wall side;

3) The cylindrical terminal is more than 1.5 turns, and the wire end must be wound around the terminal;

4) Barreled cylindrical terminals, the wire ends with a diameter less than 0.5mm must be hooked to the terminals;

5) The terminal of the perforation, the wire end must be hooked to the terminal, the diameter is less than 0.5mm, and the wire end must be bent into an S shape;

6) Hooking, the outer leakage part is between 0.5 and 1.5mm in size, the side cannot be bent, the wire must be tightly connected with the terminal, and the insulation layer cannot be wound;

The connection between the wire and the wire

1) lap joint: the length of the lap joint is required to be greater than 3 mm. The method of this connection is mechanically weak, and the outer part is protected by an insulating heat shrinkable sleeve;

2) Spiral connection: one wire must be spirally wound around the other wire, and the outer part should be insulated by heat shrinkable sleeve protection