Coaxial Cable Shielding

- May 02, 2018-

For the coaxial cable, better shielding equals less signal interference, so that's one good way to measure a cable's quality. Types of shielding can vary greatly, as can the amount present from one cable to next – coaxial cable can be had from 1 to 4 layers shielding. in the sequence of AL Foil, Braiding, AL Foil, Braiding. The best coaxial shields are the ones that offer the highest density, or percentage of cover. Tightly-woven metal braid makes an excellent choice – not only is it highly conductive, it can provide as much as 95% coverage.

The construction of shielding for coaxial cable as below:

1, Single shield:Only one layer of Aluminium Foil

2, Double shield: Aluminium Foil + Braiding, its material for braiding can be: Al-Mg alloy wire, CCA or Copper.

3, Trip shield: Aluminium Foil + Braiding + Aluminium Foil.

4, Quad shield:Aluminium Foil + Braiding + Aluminium Foil + Braiding