Coaxial Cable

- Jan 23, 2018-

Coaxial cable, or coax cable is available in different RG types. RG stands for Radio Guide, 75 ohm coaxial cable comes into several sizes with most popular items such as RG6 cable,RG59 cable,RG11 cable. It is designed to transmit the complete video frequency range with minimum distortion or attenuation, making it an excellent choice for CCTV.

Center conductor material usually made by solid copper, or stranded copper or copper plated steel wire, the copper plated steel wire conductor has a much higher D.C. resistance than copper and greatly attenuates the lower frequency components of a CCTV video signal. Although it is much cheaper than copper, it is not recommended for CCTV.

The Dielectric Material of a coaxial cable is also another key area that should be addressed. The dielectric material and its composition is critical as it sets up the electrical characteristics such as capacitance, velocity of propagation, impedance, and attenuation of the cable. These parameters will determine signal strength and transmission distance. It is recommended to choose a dielectric with excellent electrical properties such as PE or FPE. Such material will give you lower capacitance and a higher velocity of propagation.

A braided shield has two key purposes. One is to provide a low D.C. resistance and the second is to provide shielding of outside interference from distorting the video signal.

The cable always protected by a outer jacket. Jacket choice is mainly determined by the environment where the cable will be installed. PVC is a good choice for most applications located inside a building. PE is recommended for outdoor applications where the cable may be subjected to the elements and a high degree of moisture, sunlight, and abrasion resistance is required. Do not install indoor rated cable in aerial, direct burial or underground pipe. An indoor-rated cable is not designed for these harsh environments and the electrical and mechanical characteristics will degrade over a period of time and will need to be replaced. Always follow the applicable code for the proper cable type for your installation.


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