CCTV Cable

- May 11, 2018-

A wide range of surveillance equipment, bringing you the latest in this rapidly changing area of technology. Choose the system that suits your needs, whether wired or wireless, indoor or outdoor, night vision, continuous recording or motion detected activation, high definition picture quality, remote view via smartphone or other internet-enabled devices. Retrofit or install from scratch, suitable for domestic and commercial use.

The two types of cables used for the installation of Security Cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are Plug and Play Cables (PnP) and RG59 Coax Siamese cable. Each type of Camera Cable has positives and negatives about them.

Using the CAT5 cable to wire CCTV cameras. In recent years the invention of the video balun has meant CAT5e cable can be used to connect CCTV cameras to CCTV DVR recorders. All the connections can be made using only a screwdriver, no need for special tools or fiddly components.

Biadi as a CCTV cable manufacturer, with a team of highly trained professionals, you can be sure that your enquiry will be dealt with quickly and professionally and as always, we are happy to help if you are unsure of the right cable to use for a particular application.