Causes Of Wire And Cable Damage In Winter

- Oct 30, 2018-

In winter, many workers will find that wire and cable products with good quality often have some hard lines and damaged insulation skin when they install wire and cable. They think that there is a quality problem of the products themselves. However, cable manufacturers insist that the products have been tested at the factory, are qualified products. This often leads to a misunderstanding between the two sides.

In fact, it is not because of the quality of the product itself, instead, it’s because of the severe winter. The outer jacket of wire and cable products is mostly ordinary plastic (PVC) or rubber. When they are in sub-zero degree environment, they will become hard. The entire wire and cable will be hard and brittle, resulting in a slight external force on the outer jacket. There will be damage to the underside. In the winter, especially in the northern, the outdoor temperature is often below zero, and the surface temperature may be lower. Therefore, if the products are placed outdoors or directly on the surface, the jacket peeling of the product may occur.