Cable Management: Why Is It Important?

- Nov 29, 2018-

The overall process of cable management is important to any companies’ cable setup. Whether it be gigantic data centers or one room installations, clean cable organization is a win-win for both sides. The cable itself is vital for your business to be up and running so proper care should always be considered. Let's take a look at some reasons why taking care of your cable installation is important.


Making our installations more efficient is one of the most beneficial tasks a person should consider. Not only does it save time but can decrease issues down the line. This is the plus side of proper cable management. Cable management is the organization of electrical or optical cables in a cabinet or an installation. The term comes from the goal of planning. Cable installations vary from job to job but for the most part, you can see how difficult it is to properly situate each cable to make it easy to work with. Problems can happen down the line with too many cables around each other with possible issues of unplugging or identifying which cable is the cause. This is why cable management is very crucial to a smooth workplace and installation.


Proper cable management can increase safety measures in the workplace. Fire is a cause for concern after cable installation and loose cable can become tangled with each other possibly creating a spark. This spark can then turn into a fire damaging your network, data center and building.  There is also the chance of someone coming by where the cables are installed and tripping, resulting in an injury. You definitely do not want that all this to happen.


Can you imagine the difficulty in identifying the problem with your cable when they are all loosely organized or not marked? You see pictures from time to time of installation where the cable is all over the place and you cannot identify which cable is not working properly.  Correct cable management can make life easier when going back to troubleshoot the problem with your cable.

Air Flow

An important aspect of cables longevity is the abundance of airflow during installation. The more airflow the better is the goal when the cable is connected/running. This increases energy efficiency as well. Keeping temperatures low and consistent is beneficial to cables structure and performance. Increased temperatures can damage the cables jacket and do harm its inner workings. Keeping your cables tied together and out of the way will open up airways to get to the cables to prevent damaging temperatures.

The nature of the cable industry is that is always changing. New categories of cable are being constructed as we speak. Another reason why cable management should be done is to make upgrading later down the line a little easier. We all want to behave the most current technologies so our business or home networks stay working efficiently and properly. So go ahead and check out your installation and evaluate whether re-organization can and should be done.  

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