Cable Harness And Connector Developing Trend

- Jan 26, 2018-

Cable harness and cable connector are the fastest growing in the area of today's electronic, information and technology industries, the largest market demand, one of the products to be installed most easily. 

It’s widely used from universal household appliances to communications equipment, computers and external equipment, as well as security, solar energy, aircraft, automobile and equipment, they are not the lack of parts and components products for the use of wiring harness connectors, cable harness products in the electronics, automotive, industrial, electrical and other fields. The huge market demand in the diversification of product features, modular design today play an increasingly important role in the technical characteristics of connectors, cable harness products affected by the downstream industry is also very technical development. 

Every time the technological progress and changes will bring great changes to the entire industry and even revolutionary impact, thus promoting the cable connector, cable harness product industry continues to move forward.

In order to meet the needs of market development and improve their market share, the global cable connector and cable harness manufacturers have respectively released their latest products in succession. The application fields of high-speed connectors will be further expanded to emerging industries in the future.

At present, the rapid rise of new energy vehicles market, attracting connector manufacturers continue to pour on its manpower and resources, TE and MOLEX represented the connector manufacturers continue to force the automotive market, and thus reap huge rewards. TE Connectivity (TE) said in an interview with the person in charge of sales and marketing at China Automotive Business Unit: "In addition to the growth of traditional automobile production, with the strong support of national policies, the development of new energy vehicles has been growing rapidly in recent years. Compared with traditional automobiles, new energy vehicles highly required the connector technology and cable harness and also much great demand. "

Benefit from the policy, in the past two years Biadicable also made very good development for our automotive cable and power control cable and electric wire.

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