BREXIT Impacts UK Certified Cables

- May 18, 2018-

As of 30 March 2019 the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union (also known as BREXIT) and the United Kingdom will become a 'third country'. Therefore, as from the withdrawal date, UK Notified Bodies will lose their status as EU Notified bodies and will be removed from the Commission's information system on notified organizations (NANDO). As such, UK bodies will not be able to perform conformity assessment tasks pursuant to Union product legislation as from the withdrawal date. Please see the attached NOTICE TO STAKEHOLDERS from the EUROPEAN COMMISSION.

Consequences for products placed on the EU-market, If you hold certificates issued by a UK Notified Body and plan to continue placing the products on the EU-market as from the withdrawal date, you are advised to consider either applying for a new certificate issued by an EU Notified Body or arrange for a transfer.