Analysis On Technical Parameter Setting Of Twisted Pair In Automobile Wire Harness

- Oct 19, 2018-

A twisted pair is a telecommunication transmission cable composed of two metal wires periodically twisted by a fixed distance. A pair of mutually insulated metal wires are twisted together to resist a part of the external electromagnetic wave interference, and more importantly, the external interference of the self-signal is reduced.

There are many systems for applying twisted pair cables in automobiles, such as EFI systems, audio and video entertainment systems, airbag systems, and CAN networks. Twisted pair is divided into a shielded twisted pair and unshielded twisted pair. The shielded twisted pair has a metal shield between the twisted pair and the outer insulating. The shield reduces radiation, prevents information leakage, and blocks external electromagnetic interference. Shielded twisted pair cables have higher transmission rates than unshielded twisted pair cables.

The shielded twisted pair, the wire harness is generally used directly by the finished shielded wire. The unshielded twisted pair, manufacturers with processing capabilities, are generally stranded using a stranding machine. Two important parameters that need special attention during the processing or use are the lay length and the untwisting distance.